Life of Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah cover

“Sarah — Life of Sarah Jessica Parker” is SJP‘s illustrated biography.
From the difficult childhood, to Sex And The City ‘s Carrie Bradshaw leading role and fashion-icon status, to private life and social activism, this picture book covers it all.
Written by Lorenza Tonani – Hop! Edizioni 2018.

Illustration of a pram and a luggage
Infinite possibilities
Dream wardrobe
sex and the city party girls
Girls just want to have fun
Sarah Jessica Parker walking in pink heels
Career after Sex And The City
Book cover of "Sarah. Life of Sarah Jessica Parker"
Book cover

Animated GIFs

Animated GIF’s of a few of my illustrations.

Beniamino Fenzi: 2D animation
Domeniko Preli: 3D animation
Samuele Gottardello: Direction, Cameras & Compositing

A stylish girl having a drink on a terrace in NY City
A stylish drink in NY City
Animated gif of a girl sipping a drink on the Amalfi's coast
Girl sipping a drink on the Amalfi’s coast
Animated gif of a peach tree with butterflies
Animated gif of a blossoming peach tree with butterflies